Preventing sexual harassments

Equality Policy

At Cherry Group, we are constantly aiming to improve our equality work, based on equal employment conditions regardless of gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Equal opportunities are offered to everyone and the hiring process is based on personal competence, experience, and suitability for the actual position.

Our equality plan seeks to provide a pleasant working environment, and here at Cherry we see great value in having both men and women working in different positions. We will continue to act to offer more women leading positions within the Cherry Group. Salaries are set according to applicable collective agreements, and experience in relation to competence is accounted for. The working environment is designed to provide equal conditions to both men and women.

Employee numbers during 2015:

Employees at the mother company: 50% women

Employees at the subsidiaries: 76% women

Employees in the Maltese subsidiaries: 41% women

Total within the group: 57% women

Equality Plan

Each year, Cherry analyses the different parts of the equality plan, in order to detect noticeable differences based on sex, ethnicity, and sexual preference. The following paragraphs are samples of aspects that are analysed annually by Cherry as part of our equality work.

Working Conditions

Cherry will implement measures to ensure equal working conditions between men and women, taken the company’s resources and other circumstances into account.

Gainful employment and paternity

Cherry will facilitate gainful employment and paternity for both male and female employees.

Preventing sexual harassments

Cherry Group has a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, and will take all necessary action to prevent and stop any form of sexual harassment based on gender. Each employee must be informed about the regulations, and know our guidelines for how to act if exposed to discrimination.

Competency-based development

Cherry will, through education, competency-based development, and other necessary measures, promote an equal gender distribution between men and women in various work fields and categories.


Currently, there are more men than women in leading positions at Cherry, although we are working hard towards a change. We believe that it is of great importance to have women in leading positions, and leading aspirants will be recognised and offered the opportunity to partake in various leadership development programmes.


Cherry will act during the recruitment process for available positions being applied for by both men and women. When there is not an equal distribution between men and women in a certain work field or employee category, the company will try to encourage applicants from the underrepresented sex to apply, in order to make sure that the percentage of that gender increases with time.

Salary Mapping

Cherry will, as a part of the business, survey and map any occurrence of salary differences between men and women in various work fields and categories.