Nomination committee

In accordance with the decision at Cherry’s annual general meeting held on 12 May, 2016, the following members of the Nomination Committee for AGM 2017 have been appointed:

The following nomination committee has been formed based on ownership at 30 September 2016:

Pontus Lindvall (appointed by Per Hamberg)
Tom Anders Melheim (appointed by Klein Group AS)
Emil Svärd (appointed by Prunus Avium Ltd), and
Rolf Åkerlind (Chairman Cherry AB)

The nomination committee together represents 36.5 percent of the votes and 34.8 percent of the shares in Cherry AB.

The Nomination Committee shall, for the next AGM in 2017, submit proposals on the number of directors to be elected, the directors’ remunerations, the composition of the Board of directors, a Chairman of the board, auditor(s), remuneration for the auditor (-s) and the Chairman at the AGM. The Nomination Committee shall motivate their suggested board members, having in mind a diverse composition of the board. Furthermore, the Nomination Committee shall submit a proposal on a new instruction for the Nomination Committee at the next AGM.

Shareholders who wish to contact the nomination committee can do so by e-mail to [email protected] or by mail to Cherry AB, Nomination committee, Blekholmstorget 30, 111 64 Stockholm.